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Which swimsuit is for your body type?

Can't decide which style will suit your body type the best?

Here's some tips & tricks that will make your body look just fine!

If you have Smaller Bust, our Flirty Top is designed just for you. Let the flirty ruffles do its job! This Top also has removable padding. Little tip - while sunbathing, wrap and put sleeves in the inner part of the top, this will help you to avoid tan lines.

Cocotam swimwear
Flirty Set

Perfect booty shape! Our Flirty bottom designed to make your bum lines more cheeky and lifted. It matches all body types, but if you have smaller booty it will appear juicier.

Pear Shape (Wider Hips - Smaller Bust) - Classy Seamless Bottom will work out perfectly here!

Extra Support - even though this Sporty Top looks perfect on each body type, if you need an extra hold, it's definitely your style! Also has padding for an extra oomph. Can be tied back or front.

Bigger Bust - Smaller Hips

Amazon Set will give you wider hip - look. Choker top defines your bust.

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