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Shopping in Kaunas | Places to visit

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

As I am born and lived most of my childhood in Kaunas, lovely town in Lithuania, I would like to take you for a walk through some local unique boutiques situated in very heart of Kaunas, where you can find clothing, accessories, bags and many other special things. I would definitely recommend to take a small tour, because there are so many talented Lithuanian designers (not only) who are selling really cool things in those boutiques!

Old Town:

1. KOKO boutique (Pilies g.)

- more of a classy & unique designers as Saskia Diez, Toteme, Unlabel and many more!

2. Livi Design (Vilniaus g. 15)

- feminine silhouettes, dresses, cozy knits, comfy bags and stunning accessories, moreover you can find Cocotam Swimwear here also!

3. Minimal Muse Store (Vilniaus g. 23)

- Yuthfull designs, great selection of clothing pieces and Lithuanian designer items.

4. Mugen (Raguvos g. 11)

- Japanese design studio, clothing & perfume. Incredible atmosphere, here you will find unique and timeless items.

5. Butiq (PC Akropolis, I floor)

- Great variety of unique accessories, but most loved for the coziest knits, especially ROBI AGNES! If you are looking for sweater, stylish cardigans - highly recommend!

6. Moods Studio (Piles g. 1)

- wins our hearts for cool t-shirts and sweaters, also here you can find eco-friendly shampoo without plastic bottles!

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